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Community Paper Research Project

Writing Assignment 1 –Topic statement and rationale

Instructions: In 2 paragraphs, you will articulate your intended topic, your research question and your rationale for selecting it.


Paragraph #1:

  • Articulate your intended topic in one paragraph
  • End the paragraph with a clearly stated research question

Paragraph #2:

  • Articulate your rationale for your topic: why is this topic important?
    • how inquiry into this area would inform culturally relevant social work practice and service delivery
    • how your topic is consistent with social work values and advocacy for human rights and social and economic justice and addresses diversity and difference (such as underserved populations) in some way

Writing Assignment 2 - Literature Search and Annotated Bibliography


  1. Find 8 – 10 articles on your chosen topic, following the guidelines we have discussed in class. You should of course consult with Anne Schwelm in the Holy Spirit Library to make your search more successful. You are encouraged to use the search strategies discussed in class and posted on CabriniLearn under Resources. This folder also contains articles that may be relevant to your topic. 

Your list of 8-10 articles should meet these criteria:

  1. At least one of your articles should be based on a qualitative study
  2. At least one of your articles should be based on a quantitative study
  3. Your set of 8-10 articles should contain articles from at least two, but preferably more, different sources.
  4. Your set of articles should include some differing perspectives, results and conclusions, and emphases.
  1. Group the articles in your set according to themes (how they inform your knowledge of your topic). Within those smaller groups of articles, prioritize those articles in order of relevance and helpfulness.
  1. Provide the APA citation for each article. Under each citation, provide the following brief summary, in your own words:
    1. A concise summary of the article
    2. Concise description of the article’s limitations AND anything about that study that is unique
    3. Concise summary of the article’s contributions to your knowledge of your topic. How does the article inform your understanding on the topic?

Literature Review Guide

The library's guide on writing a literature review.

Subject Guide

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