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PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology: Home

Selecting a Topic

  • Selecting a topic can be challenging. Try to find a topic that you like or are curious about. You can use CAVALOG or browse the library's collections to find a topic.  Here are some hints: 

    • To focus your topic, ask a question:  What, where, when, how > do I want to know about this topic?  
    • Formulate your topic into a sentence or question. Type or write your sentence/question and select the main concepts. 

  • Select appropriate resources to research the question.  Your textbook, the library's periodical databases, sources on the courseguide and websites your course page are valid, appropriate resources. 

  • Read through background information.  Your textbook, library books, the collection of e-Reference books called Credo Ref (see link for database below), or the DSM IV can help in this process. 

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