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Speaking in Public

If the the thought of speaking in public makes you feel anxious-- you are not alone! Many people dislike and even dread public speaking, but try to remember that the goal of any presentation is not perfection. The goal is to present your ideas as clearly as you can and to connect with your audience. Focus on what you need to do to feel prepared and confident. Remember too that in most cases your audience wants you to succeed and are not rooting for you to fail. PREPARE so that you are knowledgeable on your topic. PRACTICE so that you can communicate your ideas clearly and for the appropriate amount of time. And look for ways to CONNECT with and ENGAGE your audience. ANTICIPATE questions or objections your audience might ask and have responses ready. 

When giving a presentation, don't forget to PACE yourself! 

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Posters & PowerPoints


The goal of an academic poster is to summarize one's research or ideas and to encourage questions and discussions around the content presented on the poster. 

The goal of a slide presentation is for your slides to SUPPORT and COMPLIMENT your presentation. Remember that YOU are the focus of the presentation, not your slides. Your slides should help you tell your story, but not get in the way. 

When creating posters and slides remember the 4 C's: