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ECG 100: Civic and Digital Literacy: Home

Civic and Digital Literacy

Protecting Yourself

One aspect of digital literacy is knowing how to protect yourself, your ideas, your reputation and your finances online. Everyone has a personal level of comfort with online privacy - some wish not to have any online presence at all, while others share much of their lives in digital spaces. WHAT you share, WHO your share with, and HOW you share, are decisions you have to make. As you make these decisions, you should be fully aware of  any risks that are involved, potential consequences, and steps you can take to help keep yourself safe. 

Questions to Consider: 

Is my content and personal information protected with a strong password? 

Who has access to my social media / Do I know who has access to my social media? 

Do I know what information exists about me online?

How much of my life is spent on "screen time"? 

Respecting Others

Another aspect of digital literacy is thinking and acting in ways that show respect and courtesy for others. This may take the forms of: refusing to participate or engage in any form of online bullying, asking permission before sharing or using another person's content, and avoiding sharing or posting anything that may be embarrassing to someone else.  

Questions to Consider: 

Do I consider the potential impact of what I post on social media before posting? 

Do I use images or share images that do not belong to me? 

Do I investigate or question the validity of information shared on social media before engaging with it or sharing it with others? 

How does social media impact emotional well-being and mental health? 

Engaging in the World

Although there are many pitfalls to avoid, there are also many positive aspects of digital technology as well. The internet can be a powerful tool for bringing people together, sharing ideas and information, and generating social change and transformation

Questions to Consider: 

Who inspires you online? 

How can you use internet technology/social media to inspire others? 

How does the internet help you to communicate and connect with others?