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SOW 210 Introduction to Social Work : Annotated Bibliography Style and Sample

Holy Spirit LIbrary: Annotated Bibliography Resources

Annotated Bibliography

Tips & Resources

Do's and Don'ts for writing Annotations


  • Read the source you are annotating actively and purposefully
  • Take notes as you read and/or underline key parts of the text
  • Take time to define unfamiliar words and terms
  • Read the source as many times as is needed for comprehension
  • Represent the content of the source you are annotating as clearly and completely as you can


  • Change the meaning of the original article.
  • Use jargon that you do not understand.
  • Repeat yourself
  • Write an annotation that is vague or does not show real engagement with the source
  • Pass off someone else's ideas as your own or write an incomplete or inaccurate annotation 


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