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Selecting a Topic

Selecting a topic can be challenging, but it is best to choose a topic in which you have genuine interest. If you are having trouble coming up with a topic, you can physically browse the library's collection in the JZ5500 or HV8600 sections or virtually browse the collections in Cavalog. You might also narrow one of the topics below.

  • Abortion
  • Human cloning  
  • Physician assisted suicide 
  • Selling of bodily organs  

Once you have a topic, write it out as a question that you are trying to answer. For example, using the topic of physician asssisted suicide you might ask, 

  • "Does the clinical practice of continuous sedation at the end of life make physician assisted suicide unnecessary?"   

Try to isolate the main concepts. These main concepts will be your key words for your searches.  For example,

  • continuous sedation, physician assisted suicide, end of life decisions, continous anesthesia, deep anesthesia

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