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Cabrini Learn Basics: Home

Information on navigating blackboard, submitting assignments, and setting reminders.

Cabrini Learn

Uploading an Assignment

Submitting assignments, papers, and presentations in Cabrini Learn: 

  • Unless you've been given the ok, do not "write submission" that is, type your text into the submission box. Instead, attach your assignment as a file and upload. 
  • Submit papers as a Word document or as a PDF. Your file name should end in some version of .docx or .pdf. If you are using a Mac computer or working in Google Docs, convert your document before submitting. Files ending in .pages cannot be viewed on many instructor's devices and are not accepted by ECG IL instructors.  
  • Submit presentations as Powerpoints. Blackboard does not support Prezi (.pez) or files that end in .key. If you are working in Google Slides, download your slides to Powerpoint. Your file name should end in some version of .pptx​

Staying Organized and in the Know

Getting phone or email alerts:

  • Update your settings so that you recieve email alerts when an assignment is coming due or a test is coming up. You can select how far in advance you get an email alert (see below for screenshot of how to set up alerts)
  • Download the blackboard app to your phone or tablet to get alerts sent to your devices

How to get Email Alerts for Assignment Due Dates