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FNA 203 Art History II Renaissance-20th Century: Home

Art History Periods

1300-1500  Early Renaissance

1500-1530 (and later) High Renaissance

1530-1600 (and later) Mannerism

1600-1750 Baroque

1750-1830 Neo-Classicism and Romanticism

1830-1870 Barbizon School

1850-1900 Realism


FNA 203

This guide is used as part of an in-class, hands-on exercise for FNA 203.  The purpose of this guide is to provide you with resources that will help you complete your class assignment which covers the period 1300 to 1950

The resources are a mix of print and digital formats.  The print resources are available physically in Holy Spirit Library.  The digital resources may be proprietary (available to Cabrini ID holders) or web-based, and freely available. 


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