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Computers and Printing FAQ: Information about the Library's Computers & Printers



Computers and Printing FAQ

Computers and Printing

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign in to a computer?

  • Sign-in using your Cabrini e-mail and password.

Where/How do I print?

  • Sign in to any of the computers here on the main floor. Use computers in the first two pods to print in color. There is a computer lab on the ground floor (Room 4) that prints in Black and White” only.
  • To print in Black & White- Select printer with “Black and White” in its name. To print in Color- Select printer with “Color” in its name.

How many prints do I have?

  • Printing is included in student’s technology fees. Print what you need. Try to conserve paper when possible.

Can I print double-sided? How?

  • No

Where can I make a copy?

  • Use the scanners attached to the computers located across from the “Cavalog” computer.  The “Quick Guide” instructions on how to scan a document and print a copy are located next to each scanner.

Do you have a fax?

  • Yes. The cost to fax is $2 for every 10 pages. We will provide a cover sheet and will fax it for you. You will receive a confirmation of your transaction.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

  • Contact ITR at 610-902-8366. You may also call ITR for issues with personal devices.

Can I print from my personal laptop?

  • No. Use any of the main floor or computer lab (Room 4) desktop computers in the library.

Where can I find MegaStat?

  • Look for the white label marked “MegaStat” on the base of main floor computers 4, 5, 6, and 8. 

Where can I find SPSS?

  • SPSS is located on all library desktop computers in the Research area and Computer Lab (Room 4)

How do I access LockDown Browser?

  • LockDown Browser is located on all library desktop computers in the Research area and Computer Lab (Room 4)

Can I borrow a laptop?

  • We have portable Surfaces that you can borrow. Visit the circulation desk for assistance.

How do I open a PDF and fill it out?

  • Download the PDF. Open File Explorer and click on “Downloads.” Right-click on the document you want to open and select “Properties.” Click “Change” to open the document with Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Creative Cloud (Note- You may need to Sign-in to Adobe Cloud Creative using your Cabrini email and password).

What wireless account should I use?

  • Use eduroam or cabrinidevices. Visitors, those without Cabrini credentials are to use cabriniguest.

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