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Semester Project

Outline of Semester Project and Interim Reports 

(See the syllabus for details on submission format and due dates.)


  • Interim Report 1:

A discussion of the economic system of the selected country and the stage of economic development.


  • Interim Report 2:

A discussion of the social and cultural aspects of the selected country.  This includes religion, language, education, population, education, income, economic/social classes, age, literacy, and consumer behavior.   This also includes relevant statistical data such as GNP, population growth and density, gender ratios and income distribution.  Also to be included is a discussion on the country's sustainable economic development.


  • Interim Report 3:  

A discussion of the political and regulatory environments of the selected country.  This includes government and legal system, attitudes and laws about foreign trade, trade restrictions, currency and ownership restrictions, and a political risk assessment.  Also to be included are attitudes towards America, Americans, and American businesses.  


  • Final Report:

A discussion of strategies for entering the market, distribution systems, communications strategies and examples of ads, promotional tools and media marketing tools.  The rationale behind the marketing strategies should be supported by the data collected and reported on during the semester.  Also included in your final report will be revised interim reports #1, #2, and #3.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in Rooymans Hall next to the Library, is available to assist with every phase of the writing process. Schedule an appointment online, sign up at the Writing Center, or contact them at 610-902-8573 or