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AST 324 Martial Arts and the Diaspora: Home

Martial Arts and the Diaspora: Ways of Life

Karate / Taekwondo / Kickboxing Clipartimage used with permission 

Martial Arts Resources in the Holy Spirit Library

This Libguide has been designed to help you find martial arts related resources in the Holy Spirit Library. These types of resources include:


  • print
  • ebooks
  • reference books

Electronic Resources

  • Databases
  • eReference

Suggested terms: 

Buddahism                Karate                   Self-Discipline

Bushido                      Kendo                   Tao

Capoeira                    Kung Fu                Tae Kwon Do

Diaspora                    Martial Arts           Tai Chi

Honor                         Samurai               Yin Yang

Judo                           Self-control             Zen

Also: Contemplative Studies, Mindfulness Studies, Meta-Cognition, Insights into Awareness

Subject Guide

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