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Holy Spirit Library Citation Guide: MLA Citation

Summaries of APA, MLA, and University of Chicago style guides for in-text and bibliographic citations.

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MLA (8th ed.) Citation Style: Some Examples

The following are some basic examples of citation using MLA (8th edition) style.  For more information, consult the style guides.

In-text citation, paraphrase from book:

Hamilton felt slighted at not being given a front-line command position (Chernow 155).

Works Cited entry, book:

Chernow, Ron. Alexander Hamilton. Penguin Press, 2004.


In-text citation, paraphrase from book chapter:

According to Becker, a commercial musician was looked on by the jazz community as one who sacrificed artistic goals and respect of his peers for frequent jobs and good pay (170).

Works Cited entry, book chapter:

Becker, Howard S. “The Professional Dance Musician and His Audience.” Keeping Time: Readings in Jazz History (2nd ed.), edited by Robert Walser, Oxford University Press, 2014. pp. 164-174.


In-text citation, excerpt from journal article:

New approaches to mass media began in earnest when “the Web’s aura of empowerment and control also cast shadows on old media.” (Heuman 32)

Works Cited entry, journal article (from online database):

Heuman, Josh. “I Don't Want to Pay For What I Don't Watch”: The Cultural Politics of à la Carte Cable Television and the Cultural Life of Communication Policy." Communication, Culture & Critique vol. 4, no. 1, 2011 pp. 31-55. Communication and Mass Media Complete, doi: 10.1111/j.1753-9137.2010.01091.x.  Accessed 7 Jul. 2017.***

***Access date is optional depending on reader or instructor requirements.


In-text citation, paraphrase from magazine article:

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange hosted only four initial public offerings in 2014 (Coppola and Solomon 41).

Works Cited entry, magazine article from online database:

Coppola, Gabrielle, & Shoshanna Solomon. “Persuading Israel’s Tech Firms to IPO at Home.” Bloomberg Businessweek, no. 4403, 17 Nov. 2014, pp. 40-41.  Business Source Complete.  Accessed 7 July 2017.***

***Access date is optional depending on reader or instructor requirements.


In-text citation, excerpt from webpage:

“When employees understand the end goal, they’re more likely to deliver what is needed from them the first time around.” (Rittiman)

Works Cited entry, webpage:

Rittiman, Elizabeth.  “Make Yourself Indispensable – 8 Traits that Prove Leadership Potential.” The Global Broadcast.  Colorado State University, 12 March 2015.  Accessed 7 July 2017.***


In-text citation, paraphrase from webpage, no author:

Stimulus fading is a technique that involves slowly introducing less familiar people in the child’s environment and gradually encouraging the child to interact with them (“Selective Mutism”).

Works Cited entry, webpage, no author:

“Selective Mutism.”  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association,  Accessed 7 July 2017.***


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