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Course Guides and Library Guides: Course Guides

Welcome to Holy Spirit Library's Course and Library Guides. Here you will find a complete listing of course-specific guides as well as resources for using the Library and making the most of our collection.

Course Guides

Course Guides

AST 109/205 Reacting to the Past - Greenwich Village 

AST/SOW 203 Values, Conflict & Community

AST 324 Martial Arts and the Diaspora 

AST 336 Engaged Ethnography 

AST 396 Black Folklore and Folklife

BIO 101 Introduction to Biology

BIO 177 Health & The Human Body

BIO 444 Senior Seminar

BUS 220 Business Analysis

BUS 230 Principles of Marketing

CATH 101 Catholic Social Teaching

CHE 444 Chemistry Senior Seminar

COM 101 Introduction to Media Communication

COM 487 Career Prep & Job Search Techniques

CRM 309 Criminology

DORG 700 Organizational Development Dissertations & Theses

ECG 100 Civil Rights & Social Justice

ECG 100 Immigration: Coming to America

ECG 200 Hunger at Your Fingertips

EDD 791 Dissertation Seminar 

EDG 501 Educational Research

EDG 501 Literature Review

EDG 506 Teacher Action Research: Proposal and Implementation

EDG 515 Introduction to Schooling 

EDG 518 Instructional Strategies and Programs

EDG 521 Education and Social Policy

EDG 540 Foundations of Education

EDG 568 Student Centered Curriculum

EDG 598 Foundations in Literacy

EDG 650 Principal Internship

ELE 281 Teaching Social Studies

ENG 100 Intro to Writing

ENG 215 Voices from Other Cultures

ENG 234 Writing for Leadership

ENG 290 Literary Theory and Cultural Studies

ESH 220 Health Promotion

ESH 340 Metabolic/Biological Aspects

ESH 350 Cardio/Patho Physiology

ESH 450 Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance

FNA 201 Art History 1: Prehistoric Through Middle Ages

FNA 203 Art History II Renaissance-20th Century

GESL 580 Action Research

HRM 200 Human Resources Management

HRM 322 Labor Relations

HSOC 306 Sociology of Happiness

MKT 230 Principles of Marketing

MKT 290 Consumer and Buyer Behavior

MKT 355 International Marketing

MKT 401 Marketing Research

PHI 208 Biomedical Ethics

POL 205 Introduction to Political Science

POL 206 Comparative Government

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

PSY203 Developmental Psychology

PSY 205 Brain and Behavior

PSY 312 Developmental Psychopathology

PSY 341 Research Methods

PSY 342 Research Methods II

RELS 120 Introduction to Judaism

RELS 121 Introduction to Christian Tradition

RELS 218 Introduction to the Gospels

RELS 219 Introduction to Epistles

RELS 223 Church & State: US Perspective

RELS 225 Catholic Social Thought and Practice

RELS 305 Contemporary Issues in American Catholicism

SOC 203 Contemporary Social Problems

SOC 302 Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 341 Research Methods I

SOC 350 Social Theory

SOC 420 Sociology and Criminology Capstone

SOTL Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

SOW 210 Introduction to Social Work

SOW 412 Senior Seminar

SOW 445 Research Methods in Social Work

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